Documents for Nara Marathon 2014 arrive

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It’s been a while since I’ve run a marathon, but I’m going to run the Nara Marathon on December 14. It will be my second full marathon this year, following the Medoc Marathon in September. It will be my fifth full marathon.

奈良マラソン2014 エントリー完了!メドックの次は古都! | my lifelog

It’s been five months since I entered the competition. And this week, the competition finally sent me the paperwork.

Enclosed was the following.

Number Card Exchange Ticket

This is important. By the way, it seems to write the emergency contact address here. My parents’ house, I think. I think I wrote it on the back of my number when I ran the Tokyo Marathon. I don’t know about the Nara Marathon.


This is also important. Runners’ registration” on the previous day, “Map of the start area and venue” on the day, “Time schedule”, “Course map”, “After the finish”, “How to visit Kononoike Athletic Field”, etc. are explained in a compact and easy-to-understand manner.

I really like that it’s in color. It’s much easier to read than the Tokyo Marathon or Kyoto Marathon.



I don’t think such documents were available in either Kyoto or Tokyo. Medoc, well, there were no such polite documents at all (laughs). (laughs) But they were very hospitable.

The up and down diagram below is also very helpful.


You can get it at the registration desk of the Tokyo Marathon. Don’t forget to take it with you.

The race is less than a month away. Since I had run the Medoc Marathon, I had been practicing long distance running consistently, so my preparation for the race was not bad.

I’m planning on doing a 20+km run this weekend 3 weekends in a row.


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