Wine finally arrives from France using Yamato Europe Wine Direct – 2014 Medoc Marathon Diary Extra Edition

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10. Hobby GeneralMedoc marathon and North French trip in September 2014

It’s already two months ago, but the wine I bought at a wine shop in the village of Margaux where I dropped by after the registration on the day of the Medoc Marathon has finally arrived now in mid-November.

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2日目その2:コースの下見とおみやげのワイン購入、そして夜はフレンチ ? 2014メドックマラソン日記No.3 | my lifelog

I had originally asked for it to be mailed in October when it was cooler.

The reason why it took two months was because when I originally bought it locally, the shop told me that it was still too hot in September when I bought it, so I should send it in October when it would be a little cooler.

I wasn’t in a particular hurry, so of course I wanted it mailed in October as recommended. That was one of the reasons for the two-month delay.

By the way, I have introduced this shop before, but I bought it here.

La Cave d’Ulysse

It seems to be a famous restaurant in its own right, with some tourists visiting by sightseeing bus.

Further delay due to lack of communication.

Even so, even if it is shipped in October, I feel that it is too late for it to arrive now. In fact, there is a reason for the further delay, and that is that Yamato Transport Europe, the company in charge of shipping this time, was unable to contact me.


Eventually, I was able to get my old number back to work with MNP this month, but it was still last month, and the phone number I gave the store at the time of purchase was the Softbank number I used on my iPhone 5s, which they were unable to reach because it had been turned off and left at home for the entire last month.

At the beginning of November, he finally got in touch with the shop by emailing them because he hadn’t received his wine so much.

I emailed the store directly, but after receiving a simple French reply, I also received an email from a European Yamato representative without pause.

The person in charge said that he had called my number, which the store had contacted him, to ask him to choose whether to use regular or cool delivery after arriving in Japan, but he hadn’t been able to get through at all, so he was in trouble.

They had no choice but to try to contact my address in Japan by registered mail, but I contacted the shop directly by email, and they were glad to finally get in touch with me.

Would you go that far for just a shipping method? I mean, I’ve also given the shop my email contact information? but in any case, it was nice to be contacted.

In the end, it was decided that there was no need to use the cool delivery service because it was already getting quite cold, so we asked them to send it by regular delivery.

Arrived only a week after we got word! Perfectly packaged and secure!


I’m glad to see that the packaging is so sturdy. It’s going to be hard to open it.

I decided to open it as soon as possible. I had a hard time as expected, but when I opened the box, it looked like this.

This is very safe, but it seems to be full of garbage…

Each bottle is stored in a styrofoam box like this one, so you can rest assured that it’s safe unless there’s a problem.

However, it is as expected of Yamato to pack it so carefully.

What’s more, when you open the styrofoam box, the bottle is covered with a plastic bag, a careful job.

Safely opened the wine from all the boxes. Of course, everything was safe.

Confirmed that all wines ordered 2 months ago have been sent properly.

About Yamato Transport Europe Wine Direct

Now, here are the details of Yamato’s service that I was taken care of this time.


If you have ever thought of wine as a souvenir when you traveled in Europe, especially France, you may have seen the familiar “Kuroneko Yamato” logo stickers on some shops that are familiar to Japanese people.

I have used this service before, when I bought champagne in Reims.

In the case of France, the fee structure looks like this (from the European Yamato Transport website).

I see. But when I was there, I think the shop owner said something like free shipping if you buy more than 6 bottles, but maybe I heard wrong. Well, that’s not such a good story, is it?



However, in addition to the shipping costs

  1. 輸出証明書:13ユーロ
  2. フランス税関提出書類手数料:10ユーロ
  3. ワインの価格に応じた日本側輸入税:1本ごとに異なる

will be taken.

Still, it is certainly great to be able to buy everything duty free, and it can also be said that the duty free portion can cover the shipping costs.

By the way, for shops that use Yamato in Europe, it seems that it is possible to place an order online or by email. I haven’t heard about this shop directly yet, but the shop I used to work with in Reims still sends me an email every year with information about their new champagne, and they contact me to say that they can handle orders from Japan through this Europe Yamato’s Wine Direct.

It might be a good idea to recruit a few people and order more.