Ernen, Switzerland’s most beautiful village tour No.24 ★★★★☆

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Most beautiful villages of the worldSeptember Switzerland, France, 2017The most beautiful village of Switzerland

Date and Time of Visit: September 15, 2017, approximately 3:00 p.m.

It is located in the Valais region, which is formed by the Rhone River flowing through central Switzerland. The Valais region is surrounded by the Pennine Alps, with the Matterhorn to the south, and the Bernese Oberland, with the Jungfrau to the north.

Ernen” is a German-speaking village located in the east. There is a mountain pass on the east side of this village, and after crossing it, you will reach the Italian speaking area. In the middle of September, the temperature in Switzerland is about 10 degrees Celsius on the ground, so the temperature in the mountain passes above 2000 meters drops to almost 0 degrees Celsius even in the daytime. If the weather is bad, the mountain passes can be closed in September.

The weather was cloudy and sometimes rainy, but fortunately the pass (Nufenen Pass) was not blocked and we were able to move safely from the Italian-speaking area to the German-speaking area.

After the pass, the weather was relatively stable, and by the time we arrived at Hernan, it wasn’t clear but the sun was shining from time to time. The atmosphere around us was just like the world of Heidi in the Alps, surrounded by nature.

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The village was developed from the 15th to the 17th century, when many houses were built. The church of Saint-Georges in the village was built between 1510 and 1518.

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After a few days of absence, I came back to the German-speaking area, which was very pleasant and had a very Alpine girl-like scenery. I saw many tourists for hiking.

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The houses are mainly made of wood.

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Most of the houses were ordinary houses, but there were also some boutiques for tourists, so we could see that they were focusing on tourism. There were also some cafes restaurants and accommodation facilities.

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Although it is a German speaking village, the culture and atmosphere is different due to the distance from Zurich, and this experience is one of the best parts of multicultural travel. We give it an overall rating of 4 stars.