Gros-Fays – Tour of the most beautiful villages of Walloon No.26 -★★☆☆☆

2017 Wallonia Tour
2017 Wallonia TourMost beautiful villages of the WalloonMost beautiful villages of the world

Date and time of visit: July 20, 2017, approximately 10 a.m.

In this series of the most beautiful villages in Walloon, we introduce them in the order we visited them. This time is the 26th village. Including this village, there are only 5 left. Since our last visit to Oulu, the date has changed and we visited on July 20, 2017. (It was already more than half a year ago, wasn’t it?)

The first beautiful village on the 20th is called “Grofe”, which is located about 40 minutes by car from Oulu, where we stayed. It is located in the area just south of Brussels. This area is called the Ardennes and is known for its rich forests. The Ardennes region also straddles France. In France, there is also the Champagne-Ardenne region.

Gros-Fays 20072017-_MG_3575-yuukoma

Gros-Fays 20072017-_MG_3586-yuukoma

There’s honestly not much else to see nearby, if anything at all. The area is rich in nature, so it may be crowded with people hiking or camping in the forest.

Gros-Fays 20072017-_MG_3567-yuukoma
Gros-Fays 20072017-_MG_3578-yuukoma
Gros-Fays 20072017-_MG_3597-yuukoma

However, there were no tourists or even people walking around the village in the morning. This village has a farmer’s chateau, which was built around the 17th century (but it’s not so fashionable) and a small church. Even so, it had a nice and relaxing atmosphere with a peaceful grazing landscape around.

Gros-Fays 20072017-_MG_3588-yuukoma

There are shops like this in the village, but I wonder if there are any people…

Gros-Fays 20072017-_MG_3610-yuukoma
Gros-Fays 20072017-_MG_3627-yuukoma

I was impressed that it was hot and humid than I expected. I thought that Walloon region is unexpectedly humid, no matter which village I went to. I wonder if it is because it rains a lot. The rich nature and the rich forest might be the influence of the amount of rain.

The next stop is a village about 10 minutes away from this village.