Try Instant Heart Rate – On the Road to Tokyo Marathon 2011: As of January 27

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Today was my first run since training the other day. I was concerned that my stamina was a little low at the practice the other day, so I thought I’d run a little, even though it was cold, to get my stamina back.

It didn’t affect me much because it was less than 5km, but I feel like I can barely do 10km in this condition.

Although I am unwilling to do so, I think it would be best not to run until I am completely exhausted.

That being said, today I tried out this iPhone app that I installed yesterday.

Instant Heart Rate – measure your heart rate with your iPhone for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod touch (4th generation) on the iTunes App Store

It’s an app that allows you to measure your heart rate by putting your finger on the camera lens. Amazing. I was curious to see how much my heart rate would be when I ran, so I decided to try it out earlier today.

Here’s what it looked like right after I finished the run.

It’s actually a pain to measure. You have to keep your finger on the camera for a certain amount of time, but it resets immediately and doesn’t measure very well. It’s a little hard to use.

I persevered and somehow managed to measure my heart rate right after the workout and a few minutes later. It was in the 130s because I was too lazy to measure it, but it was actually around 148 right after I finished running. This is the heart rate that makes you feel a little shaky while running. I think my heart rate needs to be a little lower to last a long distance.

Then there’s the ability to tweet.

I had a hard time using this device today, so I couldn’t measure the time and the number of steps properly.

Just before you know it, it will be exactly one month before the show. It’s about time to receive the documents related to the reception. I’m looking forward to it.


January 27: 4.8 km, ? minutes, ? walk

January 21: 25.9 km, 222 min, 29517 steps

January 19: 4.8 km, 30 min, 4921 steps

January 2: 8.3 km, 55 min, 8611 steps

December 15: 8.3 km, 51 min, 8,140 steps

November 30: 22.7 km, 164 min, 24523 steps

November 26: 4.8 km, 29 min, 4704 steps

November 24: 15.7 km, 108 min, 16703 steps

November 11: 8.3 km, 51 min, 8014 steps

November 9, 20.3 km, 141 min, 22104 steps

November 1: 15.7 km, 115 min, 17797 steps

October 27, 20.3 km, 148 min, 22984 steps

October 20: 8.3 km, 54 min, 8467 steps


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