The point card of Maison de Chocolat is too bourgeois, like 1 stamp for 2,500 yen!

10. Hobby General
10. Hobby General

One of the greatest chocolatiers in the world (according to my own research), “La Maison du Chocolat”, well, the ganache is great, but what I ended up with was a sheet of chocolate (called “la tablette de chocolat” in French). 990 yen a piece! Yen!

I don’t like too much bitter, I prefer chocolate that is firm, sweet and mild. I don’t want any other extra flavors. So, if you are a milk chocolate fan, this is the one for you.

One stamp for 2,500 yen is too bourgeois.


For the bourgeois point award, though, it’s just a stamp on a regular piece of paper.


Because I actually bought a lot of them last month, before the Yokohama Marathon.

But at this time I still didn’t have a loyalty card. I think the main reason was that it was crowded and they didn’t solicit me. When I made the card, I said “I bought a lot of stuff last month, I should have made it then haha”, and he asked me “Do you know the detailed date and time?” I told them the date and time I checked in on Swam (formerly Foursquare), and they checked. That’s great!


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