I bought the Pirastro KorfkerRest shoulder brace.


I’ve splurged again…


Aside from the chinstrap, it’s true that I’ve been using cheap shoulder pads for the past few years and felt they had their limitations.

The other day, when I went to Yamaha near Yokohama station to have my horn repaired (the string that moves the rotary was broken), I had some free time while I was waiting for the repair, so I thought I’d take a look at some shoulder pads. The fit was so good that I bought it on impulse.

それがこちらの[highlight]「PIRASTRO KorfkerRest」[/highlight]

Pirastro – Pirastro KorfkerRest

Speaking of “Pirastro”, it is a very familiar manufacturer for stringed instrument players, but this company seems to have started to make not only “strings” but also shoulder pads recently. Has it been put on the market comparatively recently? The price is 20,000 yen, but anyway, it is light and beautiful, and the height is enough, so it is suitable for me who is the chief of the shoulders.

I think that the burden of the body has decreased a lot and the fingers move easily. I didn’t know that the shoulder pads would make such a difference…. It may be that things were too much until now. I realized once again that tools are important. When it becomes easy, I have a feeling that I will enjoy playing and practice more, and above all, I feel that I have become better. (Really?

The fine adjustment is done with this wrench. It may be a little difficult to adjust by yourself. Also, I found a post on the internet that the screws are easy to loosen, so you might want to pay attention to this.

By the way, it comes in a stylish box, but the material of the box was not so good. (It will be thrown away soon.)

I checked on the web and this product seems to be very popular. It seems to be sold out in some online shops, and even amazon doesn’t seem to have many of them. Maybe I was very lucky?


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