Motivation #3




It’s been less than a year since I changed my phone model, and I knew I would have to pay for it anyway. However, I was ready for the expense because it was unavoidable for the “de-paper”.

I also found out that by changing to a smart phone, I will not be able to use my old mobile phone address, so this was also a decision I had to be prepared for. In short, even if it is the same docomo, by changing to a smart phone, the mobile phone address will be changed.

“If it’s been less than a year since I’ve had a new model, and the cost is high, and my mobile address will definitely change, then it won’t make a difference to my budget whether I continue with Docomo or not. When I think about it, my choice has expanded instead.

結論から言うと、最終的にBlackberryではなく、iPhone 3Gを選んだわけです。最大の理由は、以下のとおりでしょうか。

  1. Google Reader の使い勝手がよい(これはBlackberryとあまり差がない)
  2. skypeが使えること(Blackberryでは使えない)
  3. 使い勝手とディスプレイの見易さ
  4. どのみちお金がかかるし、携帯アドレスも変わる
  5. 月々の料金はほとんど差がない
  6. ナンバーポータビリティのため、携帯番号自体は変わらない

The biggest deciding factor was skype and the ease of viewing the display.

ついに、「スマートフォン」もゲットしたわけです。結果、予想通りGoogle Readerを自在に使うことができ、通勤中のニュース閲覧効率が以前とは比較にならないほどあがりました。

In addition, because the application that I did not emphasize so much at first was substantial unexpectedly, I was able to utilize it as entertainment, and it was just like killing two birds with one stone. After all, iPod is good. Ease of use is so, but the point that I can stick to sound quality is not comparable with Walkman after all.

In this way, the trend of de-newspaper and de-TV has come to boot. I am thinking of thinking seriously about how we can continue to live in an increasingly net-centric world.