Reason #2



「脱新聞」は家の中ではそこそこ問題なく実現可能でしたが、いったん外へ出ると、携帯アプリに頼らざるを得ないのですが、残念ながらiモードではGoogle Readerを見ることができなかったのです。したがって、結局、毎朝の通勤時間ではiモードで登録している日経ネットやフジサンケイ ビジネスアイのサイトを見るしかなかったのです。ロイターの携帯版もありましたが、PCで操作するGoogle Readerの使い勝手と比べるとお話になりませんでした。

So the first thing I thought of was to buy a PC that emphasizes portability. I decided to buy a “netbook”, which started to explode in popularity just around last year. I had originally planned to buy one this year for my Golden Week trip, so this expense was within my expectation, even if it was a little early.

早速、ビックカメラへ行って購入。僕の場合は、旅行中にたくさんの写真をとるため、HDDの容量とバッテリーにもこだわりたかった、そこで薦められたのがLenovo レノボ・ジャパン IdeaPad S10e ホワイト 4068AGJでした。

The fee is less than 50,000 yen, so it’s well within my budget. Afterwards, it was to prepare the environment which can use the net anywhere, but actually, because I had been in Willcom for several years, only by the plan change and the model change to the unlimited use of the net, this environment was realized without any charge except for the administration fee, and I was able to use the netbook safely when I went out.

With this netbook, I started the process of migrating as much of my local data as possible to the Internet, inspired by the so-called “cloud computing” that has been the talk of the town lately, in order to organize the data I had stored on my old PC. That’s why I switched all my email to Gmail. (Actually, I’m still using my existing email. (Actually, I’m still using my existing email because I’ve been using it for so many years that it would be hard to change the procedure.

By the way, I changed to Gmail and transitioned to not using mailers at all, and I can filter almost 100% of junk mail. I thought that the technology of Google in this area is as expected.

しかし、それでもまだ不十分。やはり、通勤中にGoogle Readerが読みたいのです。

Therefore, when you get to this point, “smartphones” are the only way to go.

So, which smartphone to buy? This was very much a headache for me.

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