Schengen, a city on the border of three countries – 2011 France – France

2011 France

Schengen 20110501-IMG_0420

Date of visit: May 1, 2011, around 1:00 p.m.

There are still a few more in the series except for the most beautiful village in France. We’re almost at the end of our trip, and we’ve finally made it to Luxembourg.

In the meantime, we’re going into Luxembourg.

My goal is to go to Schengen first, but I’m going to enter Luxembourg for now.


Luxembourg as seen from the French side.

Luxembourg 20110501-IMG_0375

The signs at the border telling the traffic rules and speed limit of the country have become familiar. Luxembourg is basically the same as France.

Luxembourg 20110501-IMG_0368

The signs are also becoming more Luxembourg style. Just a few tens of meters behind is France….

Luxembourg 20110501-IMG_0371

Luxembourg 20110501-IMG_0370

Now, about the signal, it seems that the French signal is still available around here. So I was able to use Ima Koko Now! and Google map are working as usual.

Off to Schengen!

Let’s go to Schengen. It’s only 10 minutes away from here.

So we arrived in no time at all!

Schengen 20110501-IMG_0416

Let’s see, Schengen, what kind of place it is, if you look at the map (iPhone screenshot). It is a place like this.

The gray lines are the borders, right? There’s a line first in the middle, north and south, and then a line that breaks off around the bottom center and down to the right.

Yes this city is on the border of three countries!

Luxembourg on the left, Germany on the top right, and France on the bottom right.

From this bridge over the Moselle River, it’s only 1km to Germany and 2km to France.

Schengen 20110501-IMG_0379

Germany is just across the river.

Schengen 20110501-IMG_0401

Schengen 20110501-IMG_0400

This is what a sign in Germany looks like.

The city where the pact was made.


It is an agreement to allow European countries to cross the border without border check. Of course, there are still remains of the building which looks like a checkpoint in France-Luxembourg, but no one is there and nothing is checked.

I’m familiar with the Schengen Agreement because I’ve traveled by car in Europe many times, and I was finally able to visit the city where the agreement was signed.

The city of Schengen itself is a quiet country town surrounded by rivers and vineyards.

Schengen 20110501-IMG_0410-Edit

Monuments and buildings associated with the agreement were located along the Moselle River.

Schengen 20110501-IMG_0421

Schengen 20110501-IMG_0424

Schengen 20110501-IMG_0427

I haven’t read it properly, but it seems to contain information about the Schengen Agreement in each country’s language.

Schengen 20110501-IMG_0430

So I’m very happy to finally go to Schengen, which I’ve been longing for.

Still, it’s a beautiful day.

Schengen 20110501-IMG_0406