Sosoye – Tour of the most beautiful Walloon villages No.17 -★★★★☆

2017 Wallonia Tour
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Date and Time of Visit: July 18, 2017, approximately 12:00 p.m.

Our third stop of the day, Sozois, a short 10-minute drive from the second beautiful village of Phalen, was an outstanding setting surrounded by beautiful streams and mountains.

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We arrived just before noon. There were several parking lots in the village, but they were small with a capacity of about 5 to 6 cars. We were lucky to be able to park. There were also a few places where you could park freely if you were outside the village.

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When you arrive at the village, the first thing you will see is the railway bridge as you can see.

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This is not used now, but the track still remains, so there was an attraction to ride a bicycle on it for sightseeing, and it was crowded with many families. The starting point of this attraction is not in the village, but at a campsite about 2 km away from the village (we passed it when we came from Phaleng. It seemed to be located at a campsite about 2km away from the village.

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The history of the village, according to the official website and the information on the local panels, started in 1607 when the parish of Sozois was reorganized and a small church was established here. In 1975, the church was declared a historical asset of the country.

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It is the atmosphere of the village, but as usual, I do not feel so old, I was disappointed that I can drive a car in the center of the village, but I thought I could appreciate the comfort of being surrounded by nature in a quiet and above all moderate.

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However, even though I have become accustomed enough to the atmosphere of the most beautiful village of Walloon, I still feel that it is not enough compared to France and Spain. If you are looking for medieval romance, you won’t enjoy this place. However, our visit to the beautiful villages will continue.