Celles – Tour of the most beautiful villages of Walloon No.18 -★★★★☆

2017 Wallonia Tour
2017 Wallonia TourMost beautiful villages of the WalloonMost beautiful villages of the world

Date and Time of Visit: July 18, 2017, approximately 3:00 p.m.

This is our fourth stop of the day to visit the beautiful village of Serre. Just before, we went to Dinan, a famous sightseeing spot in Walloon region, not a beautiful village. This day’s beautiful villages were scattered around Dinan. Like Namur, Dinan is located in the middle of Walloon region, so it is easy to get to the other villages as well as the one we are visiting today. So I could have chosen it as a place to stay, but it looked rather plain from the pictures, so I decided to stay in Durbuy for 3 nights.

Well, this village was discovered in 699 by a monk who was later called Saint Adeline. It’s much older in history than the other most beautiful villages of Walloon. However, the atmosphere of the town itself was similar to that of the other villages, with relatively new houses, so it was probably around the 19th century that people started to settle in the village itself in earnest.

Celles IMG_6222

In the center of the village is the church of Saint Adeline, the name of the monk who is said to have discovered this place. We were able to go inside here, which is rare in the village of Walloon.

Celles 18072017-_MG_3027-yuukoma
Celles 18072017-_MG_3050-yuukoma

At the back of the church, this staircase leads up to a hill overlooking the village.

Celles 18072017-_MG_3059-yuukoma

On the hill, there was a beautiful chapel. This used to be a convent, but now it seems to be used as a school.

Celles IMG_7767

It looks like the nuns used to go up these stairs to the chapel and the convent. I found a board with the explanation.

Celles IMG_6224
Celles 18072017-_MG_3069-yuukoma

The view from this hill is outstanding. The church we just visited is right below. The power lines might be a hindrance.

Celles 18072017-_MG_3064-yuukoma

In the village, there were some accommodation facilities and a bar-restaurant. When we arrived, there were about 10 cyclists chatting happily. The Walloon region is very popular for bicycles. It’s a great place for cycling because the scenery is nice and the road is not so up and down.

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