October 2019 Northern Italy Travelogue No. 1: Start Recording

10 May 2019 Northern Italy trip
10 May 2019 Northern Italy trip

It’s 2020, and even February. Due to the year-end and New Year’s events, blog renovation, private activities such as various orchestras, and playing too many games, I have not been able to write my blog, but I will start writing about my trip to Northern Italy last October.

Departure the day before the giant typhoon No. 19 hit

On This trip, we left Japan on Friday, October 11, 2019. It was actually the next day, the 12th, that Typhoon No. 19 made landfall, which caused significant damage throughout the eastern of Japan. The departure was originally scheduled for Saturday the 12th, but we tactfully moved the departure up a day to allow for the possibility that it might not depart. The timing was also good, because we changed the flight one day before the announcement that JAL etc. would postpone the departure on the 12th, we were able to have the flight changed to the same time the day before for only about 5,000 yen per person.

ご参考:令和元年台風第19号 出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』

But one of the most difficult part of the departure was to get from my house to Narita Express departure and arrival stations. It was impossible to book a taxi. It seemed to be the influence of the typhoon. It was the first experience that we were refused so brilliantly. Fortunately our luggage was not too light to walk to the near station without any problem, although it was a bit far from home. I thought taking a taxi was the best way to reach the station from home based on past experiences, but it was not difficult to walk to the station, so I wouldn’t use the taxi when I go abroad.

The Narita airport was more crowded than I had expected because people might have changed their flights on this day because the next day’s flight didn’t depart, but there was no big confusion and we were able to check in safely and the plane departed on time. Furthermore, It was a very smooth flight including the transfer of the transit point. The airline we used was Aeroflot. I believe that the service and the ride of Aeroflot become comfortable every year. So, It is one of the best airline companies regarding the costs.

The trip was relatively smooth until we arrived at the airport in Milan, but we were very disappointed when we got to our hotel at the Milan airport right after our arrival.

We reserved the Sheraton at Milan Malpensa Airport. It was rather expensive, but we decided to stay there because it was troublesome to move to the nearby hotel. However, it was necessary to change this reservation date to one day before the departure date from Japan in advance by the influence of the typhoon, but it was not possible to do it. So I had no choice but to make a new reservation for the 11th.

I had already made a reservation for the 12, but the cancellation did not work at all. I explained the situation that I had to move up my departure due to the typhoon, but the hotel said that they could not accept that I had changed my reservation date without any charge, probably because this reservation had been made at a discounted rate on Booking.com.

I guess the people on the ground could not make a decision.

Car rental as usual, Malpensa used for the second time.

The next morning, the morning of the 12th, We rented a car at Malpensa Airport. It was my second time to rent a car here. The car rental booth is located between Terminal 1 and the Malpensa Express station. Although it was Friday, the car rental booth was crowded with many tourists from morning. I’ve been using Avis almost continuously for the past few years, and since I had a very luxurious plan and a good car at GW, I decided to go for a cheaper plan this time. It was Smart for Four.


To be honest, I was disappointed. I was worried about the lack of power because of course I have long distance drive with high speed travel. As a result, I was satisfied with the performance, even if it was slow at high speed.

List of places to visit

During This trip, we stayed 11 days and nights. I thought I’d planned a slower trip than usual, However, when I started writing this as a blog again, I found that I had visited quite a few places. It’ s going to take me a while to update my posts again.

Tour of beautiful villages

  1. Cassinetta di Lugagnano(カッシネッタ・ディ・ルガニャーノ)-★★★☆☆:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.18
  2. Borghetto(ボルゲット)-★★★★★:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.19
  3. Pomponesco(ポンポネスコ)-★★☆☆☆:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.20
  4. Gualtieri(グアルティエリ)-★★★★☆:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.21
  5. San Benedetto Po(サン・ベネベット・ポー)-★★★★★:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.22
  6. Montemarcello(モンテマルチェッロ)-★★★★☆:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.23
  7. Tellaro(テッラーロ)-★★★★☆:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.24
  8. Vernazza(ヴェルナッツァ)-★★★★★:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.25
  9. Moneglia(モネーリャ)-★★★★☆:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.26
  10. Noli(ノーリ)-★★★☆☆:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.27
  11. Finalborgo(フィナルボルゴ)-★★★★☆:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.28
  12. Laigueglia(ライグエーリャ)-★★★☆☆:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.29
  13. Cervo(チェルヴォ)-★★★★★:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.30
  14. Zuccarello(ズッカレッロ)-★★★☆☆:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.31
  15. Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena(カステルヴェッキオ・ディ・ロッカ・バルベーナ)-★★★★☆:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.32
  16. Garessio(ガレッシオ)-★★★☆☆:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.33
  17. Neive(ネイヴ)-★★★★★:イタリアの最もTour of beautiful villages No.34

Other Tourist Attractions


World Heritage (cultural, natural, etc.)

  1. ヴェローナ市街(2000年、文化遺産)
  2. マントヴァとサッビオネータ(2008年、文化遺産)
  3. ポルトヴェーネレ、チンクエ・テッレと小島群(1997年、文化遺産)
  4. ジェノヴァのレ・ストラーデ・ヌオーヴェ(2006年、文化遺産)
  5. ピエモンテのブドウ畑の景観:ランゲ=ロエーロとモンフェッラート(2014年、文化遺産)
  6. 20世紀の産業都市イヴレーア(2018年、文化遺産)

Enjoy your meal.


And of course, we enjoyed the local Italian food and wine. I will report on the meals as much as I can.