Suvereto – ★★★★☆: Tour of Italy’s most beautiful villages No.4

April 2019 Italy
April 2019 ItalyThe most beautiful village of Italy

Visit Date: April 28, 2019, approximately 1:00 p.m.

It’s been a long time since my last diary update. I still need to record a lot more.

Last time we introduced you to the village of Buonconvento. It is a village in the center of Tuscany. That day, we went to the next village called Suvereto, which is also in Tuscany but closer to the sea side. It was very beautiful from what I saw on the photo album, so I decided to go there, even though it was a bit slow and inefficient.

The village of Buonconvento is in the area of Val d’Orcia and the World Heritage Sites of Siena and San Gimignano (where we stayed this day).

It is not so steep to go over the mountain. However, I thought it took more time than I thought. However, this route was the birthplace of the famous Tuscan wines “Montepulciano” and “Brunello di Montalcino”, so it was very enjoyable to drive while seeing the beautiful vineyards and scattered caves. We didn’t have any reservations at any of the vineyards, and since it was a Sunday, we didn’t see any openings, but we were able to buy a few bottles of wine in Montalcino on the way.

About 15 minutes after we crossed the hills of Montalcino and started to see the Tyrrhenian Sea, we finally arrived at the second beautiful village of the day, Svereto. The arrival time was after 1pm. After entering the village, we found a free public parking lot on the left side of the road, where we could park our car safely, although it was crowded.


The village has been in existence since the 10th century, and developed greatly around the 13th century, and the church and clock tower were built in those days. However, in the 17th century and 18th century, the village was involved in wars and skirmishes, and it was a period of hardship with continuous devastation. Nowadays, it is crowded with tourists as a beautiful village where the old streets remain.


The alleys are comfortable and beautiful, and you can enjoy just walking around.


There was a castle at the top of the village. Now there are only a few walls left. The village is on a hill, so it is a good position to see far into the distance.


By the way, we talked about wine on the way, and it seems that Svereto is also a wine region and certified as D.O.C.G. By the way, I saw an enoteca in the town. But it was closed on Sunday.


By the way, I thought I’d have lunch because I was hungry before sightseeing, but it was Sunday and there were more tourists than I expected, so I couldn’t enter a restaurant where I could relax. I had no choice but to have a pizza and a cola for lunch at a snack place where you can take out.

This restaurant was in front of the church and looked nice, but we couldn’t get in. It seems to be a popular restaurant.


We went back to the center of Tuscany for more than 2 hours. We had a hotel in San Gimignano, which is also a World Heritage Site, so we headed there.