Tesla’s first year legal inspection


It’s been almost a year since I purchased my Tesla, and the other day I went for my first legal inspection. I was impressed once again that they are cutting costs by thoroughly streamlining all aspects of the process, from communication to payment. Once I get used to this style, I won’t be able to buy cars from other manufacturers anymore.

Booking a legal inspection with the app

The other day, I received an email from the dealer regarding the first year legal inspection. Basically, all Tesla procedures are completed on the Internet. The initial invitation itself is from emai, but we can book the legal inspection date through Tesla’s original app.

By the way, on the day of the inspection, the person in charge told me that this was the first time that he had contacted us individually about the legal inspection. It seemed to be the same for the vehicle inspection. However, they have not decided whether they will continue to do so next year.

Communication after the reservation is done through in-app messages.

When the appointment was completed, I received a message to my registered email. About a day later, I received a message from a Tesla representative through the message function in the service menu of the app.

If there was a request from us, I could communicate with them through this message. It’s a very simple and easy to use system.

The estimated price is in the first email

The cost of the legal inspection was clearly stated in the first email. It may seem a little expensive, but the fact that the amount is fixed in advance shows the efficiency of Tesla.

On the day of inspection

On the day of the legal inspection, I went to the service center at the time of my appointment.

As was the case when I purchased my Tesla, Tesla is completely by appointment only, and there are only the minimum number of staff in the service center. So the place looked very deserted right after I arrived, but as soon as I parked my car in the parking lot, the staff came out from inside.

I gave my name to the person in charge and left my car. I was told in advance by Tesla that the process would take about three hours if there were no problems, so I decided to spend the rest of the day at a nearby family restaurant.

only take an hour

I had finished my meal at the family restaurant and was planning to spend the rest of the time at the drink bar somehow until the end of the day, when suddenly I got a call from Tesla.

He said it was over. It had only been an hour since I left the car there.

According to them, another customer had cancelled the service, and as a result, they had a surplus of workers, so they decided to participate in the inspection of my car, so they finished the inspection quickly.

Pay with the app

The payment for the cost of the inspection was also completed within the app. This was supported by Apple Pay. With just a few taps, the payment was completed in a matter of seconds.

This process itself took less than a minute. I thought this was also very efficient.

Inspection details can also be viewed as a pdf from the app

Finally, you can also check the details of the inspection from the app as well.

In this, you can see the pdf file. This pdf file can also be easily exported, so I decided to save it to my Dropbox as well.

Of course, you can also get a paper-based statement of the inspection points.