Bought EOS R for Restarting My Travel for Europe

10. Hobby General
10. Hobby General

I will be restarting my travel for Europe this summer,  that I have not been able to do since 2020 due to COVID19. I have traveled a lot in my life, so I was very used to preparing for it. But it had been a long time since COVID19 it, and I had to do a lot of things to prepare for it, thus I had forgotten a few of them.

However, whenever I traveled, I always kept notes of things to do and bring with me in Evernote, a type of cloud storage, so it didn’t take me too long to remenber them.

However, one major problem arose. That was that the SLR camera I always take with me when I travel didn’t work. My Camera is EOS 7R released more than 10 years ago. So I decided to buy new Camera. It is a mirrorless single lens reflex camera, named EOS R released very recently.

I’ve not yet fully tested it, but what surprised me the most was how light it was. Previously, SLR cameras were heavy and somewhat inconvenient to carry around when traveling.

Another good thing is that the card to store data has been changed from a CF card to an SD card. SD cards are smaller than CF cards and also less expensive. However, there is no significant difference in their storage capacity. Of course, this is probably because the technology has evolved over the years.

I am concerned about the recent increase in the number of COVID19 cases in Tokyo, and hope that we can all travel safely. And I am eagerly waiting for next week to come.

I also hope to use this restarting my travel as an opportunity to resume this blog, which I have not done since stopping traveling due to COVID19.