Using Flickr


I went on my first trip to Europe in 3 years this summer. And I took a lot of pictures. Where should I store them? Usually I would have stored them on Flickr, and I will store the photos there as well at this time.

My Flickr page is the below URL.

Yuichiro Komata’s albums | Flickr

As far as I know, very few people are currently using Flickr. However, considering the UI and the design, I have decided to continue using this service. The photos I have stored here are also very useful to quote in my blog posts. This is also because I continue to use Flickr.


However I also have an Instagram account, which I also use often. In fact, I have been using this account as long as Flickr.

ブラウザーをアップデートしてください | Facebook

When I want to share photos as quickly as possible, I use Instagram, and when I want to keep good quality photos permanently, I use Flickr.


I will be updating my travelogue of Italy that I have been to this year based on the photos stored on Flickr. It is going to take me a very long time to do that, but I hope to get it done as fast as possible.