Out of Sicily, Back on the Italian Peninsula, Going on the “Toes” May 2014 Italy’s Most Beautiful Village Tour Local Report No.13

201405 Italy

Local time: May 5, 2014

This is our last day in Sicily. We leave Palermo at 8:00 a.m., and after seeing two beautiful villages that we missed, we take the ferry back to Messina to return to the Italian peninsula.

The first village, “Brolo”, is a helpless village that I have no way to comment on. It is not beautiful to look at and there is no point to take a picture. I can’t help but wonder why they chose this village. The village itself seems to have no motivation, and I think it is better to remove the certification.

On the other hand, the second village “Montalbano Elicona” was a nice and neat village.

Still, it’s normal…

Actually, we had a little trouble on the way to this place, because the guide of Google Map Navi was still showing us a terrible road. The road had collapsed and was closed.

I was so terrified and upset that I didn’t even have time to take a picture. One way one lane, the pavement is not good, and to top it off, the cliff road is so narrow that it could kill you…. And then it collapsed.

Fortunately, there was a small space and we were able to make a U-turn, and it was a village we were able to visit by searching for another route on a paper map.

Still, compared to the beautiful villages in France, it is “plain and monotonous”, and I think this can be said for all the beautiful villages in Italy.

After visiting two villages, we arrived at the ferry terminal in Messina just before 2pm. I bought a ticket and went to the ferry. The ferry was smaller than the one we took on the way to Messina.

After landing on the Italian peninsula, the “toe” of the boot was

Here is the scene just around the toe.

After landing again, we headed to Bova, the third beautiful village of the day.

But there was another problem here. Because of the high altitude and the heavy rain, it was incredibly foggy from the road on the way.

At any rate, I headed to the village, but it was no longer in a state of sightseeing. In addition, there is no parking lot to say nothing at all.

This is the second time in the history of beautiful village tourism that the village is impossible to photograph.

Still, I wanted to keep a record of my visit, so I checked in on foursquare.

Compared to France, the rate of disappointment is also high. We drove to the next village, wondering if it was worth the trouble to visit.

And around evening we reached the next village, Gerace. It is indeed beautiful here…

There are a lot of things wrong with the village, but there is also a village like this. It was beautiful, but I had mixed feelings inside.

Now, the difficulties continue. Today’s hotel. In fact, there are few tourist attractions around this “toe”. And you can’t find any hotel like hotel from the car.

I barely found a B&B on Booking.com near the first village I was going to visit tomorrow so that I could tour the village as efficiently as possible, and I drove to it. However, although we arrived at the address on Booking.com, there was a B&B with a completely different name there.

The hotel staff only speaks Italian, and what is booking.com? What is booking.com? It was already 8 o’clock in the evening, the weather was getting better but it was getting dark and I thought it would be risky to wander around the area.

Fortunately, the hotel is a B&B, but they also run a restaurant, so we were able to have a meal here.

Some of the villages we visited were disappointing, some we tried our best to visit but couldn’t due to thick fog, and some we almost lost heart, but in the end we were healed by kind people and delicious food.