Vogüé – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2012 No.14 -★★★★☆

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Vogu?e?  20120506-IMG_7829

Date of visit: May 6, 2012, around 4:00 p.m.

This beautiful village is located not far from Balazuc, which we visited just before. It takes about 15 minutes by car.

It is a beautiful village along the river, but we had a hard time finding a parking lot.

The feature of this village is this chateau.

Vogu?e?  20120506-IMG_7839

We strolled for a while around the town centering on this chateau.

Vogu?e?  20120506-IMG_7778

Vogu?e?  20120506-IMG_7780

Vogu?e?  20120506-IMG_7795

Vogu?e?  20120506-IMG_7796

The cobblestone pavement and stone wall buildings of this beautiful village are still intact.

Vogu?e?  20120506-IMG_7785

Vogu?e?  20120506-IMG_7791

And the scenery with classic cars you see everywhere.

Vogu?e?  20120506-IMG_7809

Vogu?e?  20120506-IMG_7806

By the way, in Europe, especially Western Europe, the time is set late for daylight saving time and longitude, so the heat of the day is at its peak around 4 p.m. when we walked around this village.

Vogüé  20120506-IMG_7814

As you can see, it was a fine day and we were sweating while sightseeing.