I’m going to start recording my French lessons – French Learning Record No.2

Language study




Then there’s this site that I mentioned last time.

I’m a member of this site (850 yen/month) and listen to the podcast every morning when I go to work. The podcast itself is interesting and the length is very good, but to be frank, the level may be too high for a beginner.

But when I come home and look at the pdf text again, I feel like I’m getting used to the French language, even if it’s only slightly, so I’ll try my best.

I think the key to making it last is to “not use your head” and “basically not try to remember”. If you can’t do it every day, but do it 3 or 4 times a week, you’ll probably get used to it.


However, it’s still not very efficient in many ways, so I think I need to be a little more creative or I’ll get tired and won’t be able to continue for long. I’d like to improve it while using it.

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