I got a traffic ticket at France Part 1-2012 France and Spain

2012 Spain and FranceEuropean traffic violation

Oops, I wrote a diary with a similar title before…

When I got back from my trip to Greece, I sorted through the mailboxes at home that had been piling up, and found another lovely airmail from France this time!

I think I got another speeding ticket….

Well, a violation is a violation…

Later postscript: It seems to be that I drove at 70km/h where 50km/h is. Error? It seems to have been made 76km/h -> 70km/h in consideration.

By the way, all the documents sent to me were in the local language as in Spain…. There was no English.

From a quick look, I think I can pay online this time as well as in Spain for now. I’ll check it out after tomorrow.

By the way, I tried to figure out what time and where the violation occurred from this part of the document.

Is it “04/05/2012 13h42”, so it’s 13:42 on the 4th of May, or 20:42 on the 4th of May in Japan time?

That date and time was also recorded in my Twi-Log. so it was recorded in my twilog.

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It was just time to head to the castle here.

Cha?teau de Val 20120504-IMG_6289

Château de Val ヴァル城 -2012 France and Spain | my lifelog yuu-koma.jp
訪問日時:2012年5月4日午後2時頃 GW旅行、フランス2日目に訪れたヴァル城(Château de Val

By the way, what I am worried about is that there was no “photographic evidence” in the documents I received. It was there when I was in Spain….


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