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Limeuil 20130512-_MG_9003

Limeuil 20130512-_MG_8975

Date of visit: May 12, 2013, around 10:00 a.m.

The first visit to the beautiful village on May 12 was unfortunately rained out.

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The beautiful village of Limeuil is located at the junction of the Dordogne and Vézère rivers.

Speaking of the Vezere River, it is an area where many remains from the Stone Age have been discovered. So, if we go back to the history of this village, it must be from the prehistoric age.

The village sits on a hill overlooking these two rivers. The parking lot was by the river and there was ample space.

It was raining and Monday, so it was sparsely populated and we were able to park easily.

From the parking lot along the river, we start walking toward the center of the village.

Limeuil 20130512-_MG_8940

Limeuil 20130512-_MG_8943

Limeuil 20130512-_MG_8949

The ascent was a bit steep, but we were full of energy because we were the first tourists in the morning, so we were able to climb quickly without any difficulties.

Most of the basic beautiful village tours are “walk only” in many cases.

We came to a vantage point.

Limeuil 20130512-_MG_8952

It’s nice to see cars parked in a beautiful village.

Limeuil 20130512-_MG_8959

Limeuil 20130512-_MG_8967

Almost to the top of the hill?

Limeuil 20130512-_MG_8975

We came to the top of the hill. It looks like the center of the village.

Limeuil 20130512-_MG_8984

Limeuil 20130512-_MG_8988

There was a mansion that looked like a chateau at the top, but it looked like we couldn’t get in. It may be that it was not open. There was also a garden, but it was so ordinary that I only saw it from outside.

Fortunately, it stopped raining while we were walking around the village, so I was able to take some photos with my SLR.

Once you return to the riverside where there is a parking lot.

Limeuil 20130512-_MG_8994

The last one is a shot of the whole village from the other side of the river.

Limeuil 20130512-_MG_8997

Limeuil 20130512-_MG_9008

It rained a bit, but I managed to do some sightseeing with my SLR.


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