Maderuero – The most beautiful village in Spain No.15 – ★★☆☆☆☆

Spain Basque journey 2016 GW
Spain Basque journey 2016 GWThe most beautiful village of Spain

Date and Time of Visit: April 29, 2016 at approximately 6:00 p.m.

To the last beautiful village of the day.

On this day, we visited four beautiful villages in the province of Segovia. This is the last village.

It is about 30 minutes drive from Aijon just before. The road to Madeluero was not very well paved, although the width of the road was solid. There were almost no cars passing each other until we reached the village. It is not so much when I see it on the map, but as far as I drove, I felt like an isolated island on land.

A small village with hardly a sign of life

And we arrived at Madeluero without delay.

Maderero 20160429-_MG_5427

The village sits on a slightly elevated hill with a river flowing below it. It’s like a natural fortress.

Maderero 20160429-_MG_5460

But perhaps because the land is not very fertile, I had the impression that there were few forests and fields. When I visited, it seemed to have rained just before and it was cloudy, so I didn’t feel much, but from what I saw, it seemed to be a desolate land. I have a strong image that the desolate land is a little more west than this area.

It was difficult to find a parking space, there was no place in the village where I could park, so I parked in a space less than 200m away from the village, but there was no car except mine at all. I don’t think it was a problem as it seemed to be a vacant lot.

Then we went to the village. Although it certainly felt old, there were only us and one other group of tourists, and there was nothing that looked like a shop at all.

Maderero 20160429-_MG_5438
Maderero 20160429-_MG_5447

However, there is something like a hotel & restaurant at the entrance of the village, so it seems that you can stay and eat. It is unexpectedly splendid, but there is no sign as if there is a visitor.

Maderero 20160429-_MG_5441

There is a church in the central square, though it is not so wide. Of course, you can’t enter the church as well as the other villages.

Maderero 20160429-_MG_5454

I was impressed that there was a big nest of storks on the church. I often saw this scene in Morocco, but I wonder if there are many storks around Spain and Morocco. Anyway, it was big.

Maderero 20160429-_MG_5451
Maderero 20160429-_MG_5462

I’m looking forward to the future development.

Is there a vacant house near the central plaza that’s for sale? No. Is there someone there? I’ve seen this sometimes in the most beautiful villages in France, and it seems that artists rent or buy these properties and sell souvenirs while working. The following picture is a little different…

Maderero 20160429-_MG_5455

The activities of the Association of Spain’s Most Beautiful Villages have only just begun, and perhaps they will start to come alive in the future as artists begin to live in these villages. If you visit these villages again in the future, you may discover a different kind of charm. The maintenance of the village is still in its infancy, so let’s hope for the future. I hope it will not become too mundane.

Maderero 20160429-_MG_5463

This is the end of our tour of beautiful villages for this day. This day we will stay at a parador in a town called “Lerma”, which is about an hour away from here in the direction of Burgos. I’m really looking forward to eating there. (To be continued)