Morcote, Switzerland’s most beautiful village tour No.3 ★★★★★

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Most beautiful villages of the worldSeptember Switzerland, France, 2017The most beautiful village of Switzerland

Date and Time of Visit: September 14, 2017, approximately 5:00 p.m.

I haven’t been to Lake Lugano since I was on a tour of the enclave. There are a total of five of Switzerland’s most beautiful, Italian-speaking villages, and this is the most highly rated of them all. This village is located at the southern end of Lake Lugano. According to records, this village has existed since the 10th century.

But unfortunately, the weather that day, it was raining. It was hard to walk around with SLR camera, so we went sightseeing with iPhone only.

This village seems to be popular as a tourist spot now, and my first impression is that there are many hotels and restaurants.

Morcote IMG_7084

Morcote IMG_7102

Morcote IMG_7098

Then, it seemed to me that it was just a beautiful tourist spot without much history like Walloon or the village of Ascona introduced in No.1, but when I looked up from the road along the lakeside, I could see some churches that seemed to have history. It’s called L’église paroissiale catholique de Santa Maria.

Morcote IMG_7092

Morcote IMG_7115

Morcote IMG_7118

There was also a chapel (La chapelle de Sant’Antonio da Padova).

Morcote IMG_7107

The view from the high ground where this church is located was amazing. It would have been even better if the weather had been better…

Morcote IMG_E7125

Morcote IMG_7113

Morcote IMG_7129

Morcote IMG_7133

In addition, because the road along the lakeside is very narrow and the land around here is steep mountains, I was worried about parking space, but as soon as I entered the village, there was a splendid public parking lot on the north side of the village. It seems to have put a lot of effort into tourism. In addition, driving is very hard. It is a fact that the road of Italy is narrow in general. Is it an ethnic group nature?

Morcote Morcote IMG_7074

Morcote IMG_7134

When we arrived at the village, there was a nice parking lot and it was easy to go sightseeing. However, if you visit the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland from the German-speaking or French-speaking area, you have to cross some kind of mountain passes (all of them are 2,000m class), so I thought it would be difficult to get there. By the way, we stayed in Locarno on this day, and the food and wine were wonderful.

Perfect location and view, I gave it a 5 star self rating.