Nobressart – Tour of the most beautiful Walloon villages No.22 -★★★★☆

2017 Wallonia Tour
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Date and time of visit: July 19, 2017, approximately 11 a.m.

It was the 19th of July. On this day, we checked out of our hotel in Durbuy, where we had stayed for three nights, and went on a tour of the beautiful villages of the Luxembourg region, which is located in the southernmost part of Belgium. As the name suggests, this region is just west of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our first stop of the day was Nobressart, or Bastogne if you’re familiar with the name of the town. It is a beautiful village near Bastogne.

I haven’t seen much of the classic cycling races on TV, but Nobressart is located in an area of rolling hills and moderately thick forests with not so tall trees. Of course, dairy farming is also very active, so we saw many cows on the way to this place. By the way, I think the density of cows in Belgium is higher than that in France. I think the density of cows in Belgium is higher than that in France. Maybe because the land is small.

Nobressart 19072017-_MG_3233-yuukoma

Well, we took the highway from Durbuy to Nobressart, which is in the Champagne region of France, and according to the timeline on Google Maps, it took 1 hour and 10 minutes. Handy!

The car park was within a minute or two walk of the village centre. There is enough space so I did not have any trouble parking at all. It seemed relatively clean and new, so you may be expecting a certain amount of tourism. However, it is a thing to say such a thing is visiting by car, there was also a disappointing atmosphere in the village is still a road where cars can pass as usual.

Nobressart 19072017-_MG_3231-yuukoma

I’m not sure if it’s for the purpose of attracting tourists, but there was this artistic work on display.

Nobressart 19072017-_MG_3218-yuukoma

The atmosphere of the village is vaguely similar to that of the most beautiful village in France. The reason why I thought so is that the color of the houses in the villages in the Luxembourg region, including this village, is somewhat different from other regions.

Nobressart 19072017-_MG_3230-yuukoma
Nobressart 19072017-_MG_3220-yuukoma

Yes, the color of the stone is light brown or orange. I’ve been to beautiful villages in Spain, Italy, and Switzerland as well as France, but I thought that the beautiful villages in these countries were not so rich in terms of “color” compared to those in France. It can be said that the most beautiful villages in France were so “colorful”, but as I originally started my tour of beautiful villages in France, I felt disappointed if they lacked “vivid colors”.

However, I felt that many of the villages in Luxembourg that I was going to visit later, including Noble Salle, had vivid colors like the beautiful villages in France.

Although I said so, I couldn’t enter the church in Noble Salle, and it was just a beautiful village in Walloon.