Parking in Southern Italy

201405 Italy

The parking situation in Italy = ease of parking is not very good compared to the rest of Europe. I thought it was especially noticeable in southern Italy.

The most difficult point is that there are almost no large public parking lots. It’s a big difference from Germany and France where there is a lot of parking.

By the way, from what I’ve heard in rumors, Italy doesn’t allow much underground construction. I heard that it’s because of the “ruins” that are found there. I wonder if it’s the same image as Kyoto. It seems that the difficulty of digging underground is one of the reasons why public parking lots are not built.

Of course, as in many parts of Europe, you can park on the street. But again, the space was smaller than in many other places.

Basic street parking, parking tickets at TABACCHI?



So I went to TABACCHI as I was told and asked for a parking ticket without any problem.

I see, this is very convenient. But apparently, these parking tickets can only be used in that city basically. It would be nice if they were at least standardized in the state…

Depending on the city’s parking rates, there are a variety of cards available, ranging from about 0.5-0.6 Euros to 1-2 Euros. Buy the number and combination of cards you need depending on how long you want to park. In a big city, it will cost you 1 euro for 30 minutes, and in a normal city, it will cost you about 0.5 euro for 30 minutes.

This is a scratch card. Scratch off the part corresponding to the date and time you parked with a coin, etc., and put it on the dashboard so that it can be seen from the outside like a parking ticket.

The back side looks like this. I bought this one in a beautiful village called “Locorotondo”. Some of them are pictures of the scenery of the village.

This is so stylish. It will be a memorial of your trip.

The night is basically free.


I haven’t seen many that are free during the siesta, but I think it was common in France and Germany that they were free from night to the next morning.

However, as mentioned above, there are not so many underground parking lots in Italy, so you can park on the street by the hotel. It depends on the city or where you park, but it might be useful to keep in mind that this is the situation.

Still, if you’re in the country, it’s not too hard.

Parking in Italy is certainly not as good as in other European countries, but in the countryside, where there are beautiful villages, it is not that difficult.

To begin with, many places are free, even on the street.

In most cases, especially in the countryside, it is free of charge, even in places that focus on tourism.

These places really make me feel saved.

As with our report on the most beautiful villages in France, we will try to make the parking information for the most beautiful villages in Italy as easy to understand as possible.