Sancerre – The Most Beautiful Villages in France 2023 No.18 -★★★☆☆

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Most beautiful village Tour of FranceThe most beautiful village in the worldThe most beautiful villages of FranceThe most beautiful villages of France

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This time, in the summer of 2023, we conclude our tour of France’s most beautiful villages. The final stop is ‘Sancerre,’ a beautiful village surrounded by vineyards on the southeastern edge of the Loire region. On this trip, we visited 15 villages that had been registered as beautiful villages since 2017, and 4 villages that we had visited before (the last one will be introduced in the next blog). Since there were already over 150 villages registered before 2017, there are now nearly 170 villages registered as France’s most beautiful villages. It’s amazing how many there are.

Sancerre - Les Plus Beaux Villages de France
A 45 kilomètres au nord-est de Bourges, tout près de la Loire, Sancerre allie au caractère de son patrimoine médiéval celui de ses vins mondialement con

Sancerre is a village perched on a small hill surrounded by vineyards, with visitor parking available around the village. However, the parking spaces are not very large, so it might be difficult to find a spot during the vacation season. It’s a very small and quiet village, but there seemed to be more tourists than I expected.

Buying Wine

Of course, being a village surrounded by vineyards, there are wine shops throughout the village. We decided to buy some wine to take home. The area mainly produces mineral-rich, dry white wines, but some Pinot Noir grapes are also cultivated, so red wine is also produced. We bought several bottles of red and white wine from the largest and most reputable shop in the village. As I was the driver, I couldn’t taste much on-site, but from the aroma and the little I tasted, it seemed light but had a good flavor.

After returning home, we were surprised at how delicious the red and white wines we bought from the village were. My spouse and I drank them, and we quickly finished a bottle between the two of us. If we have the chance, we’d like to revisit just to buy wine.

For a detailed description of the village, please refer to the information below.

Sancerre is a small medieval town located in the Cher department in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France. It is particularly famous for two reasons: its historic architecture and its wine.

  1. Historical and Architectural Significance: Sancerre is perched on a hilltop, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside, including the Loire River. The town is characterized by charming cobblestone streets and traditional buildings. It has a rich history that dates back to the medieval period, and remnants of this past, such as the ruins of the 14th-century feudal castle, can still be seen. Sancerre also features the Tour des Fiefs, a medieval tower that is one of the town’s most prominent landmarks.
  2. Wine Production: Sancerre is renowned worldwide for its wines, particularly its white wines made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes. The Sancerre wine region is part of the larger Loire Valley wine region and is known for producing wines that are crisp, aromatic, and highly regarded. The unique terroir of the area, characterized by its hilly terrain and chalky soil, contributes to the distinct flavor profile of Sancerre wines. Wine tasting and vineyard tours are popular activities for visitors to the region.

Sancerre’s combination of historical charm and viticultural significance makes it a popular destination for tourists seeking both cultural experiences and gastronomic delights.