I bought Viewbase for iPhone/iPod.


Viewbase for iPhone/iPod 20110330-DSC00383

I was spending money at Akiba Yodobashi a little during lunch break today, and one of them is this “Viewbase for iPhone/iPod”.

Viewbase for iPhone/iPodは、机やモニターなどに簡単に取り付けられる大型のクリップ、グネグネ曲がって好きな角度に調整できる約20cmのフレキシブルアーム、そしてケースを付けたiPhoneも装着可能な可変式のホルダーで構成されたフレキシブルアームホルダーです。

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I don’t know how many of these things I’ve bought already, but I bought this one. While I had in mind for in-vehicle use, I decided to buy this because I thought I could use it for tweaking and Ustream broadcasts when I’m at home, since I can fix it anywhere.

Viewbase for iPhone/iPod 20110330-DSC00381

Well, it is a feeling of use, but I am impressed with the fact that it is made quite firmly at first. In addition, the part where iPhone is fixed, it has become a clip form, and it is the structure which strongly pinches iPhone from both sides, but this has a very stable feeling. And it is very easy to install.

The clip that attaches to a desk or display on the other side is also flexible and well made.

Of course, it is even better if you can use it not only on a daily basis but also while traveling.