Wines of Sicily and Southern Italy May 2014

201405 Italy
201405 Italy

As I warned you beforehand, a trip to a beautiful village often takes you to areas that you would not normally have the opportunity to visit, so it is easy to deepen your knowledge by experiencing the wines of the region. Therefore, this is one of the main objectives of the trip.

This time, we mainly had fish dishes because we traveled to southern Italy, especially Sicily, which is the No.1 fishery in Italy.

So, inevitably? I drank only white wine.


The Grillo is clean and dry, but also fruity. It is very delicious. Of course, it goes well with fish.

I didn’t do a lot of research, but I think there were so many wines from this Grillo region that I naturally encountered during my normal travels.

The most delicious wine we had was in Milazzo, in the northeast of Sicily, which is also the entrance to the Aeolian Islands.

A litre of carafe was only 4 euros, a great bargain. The fresh Grillo wine was so delicious that we drank too much and had a slight hangover the next day.

Now I think I should have drunk some more red wine. I heard that “Nero d’Avola” is the representative variety of red wine in Sicily.

One week might not have been enough time to learn the taste of more than two kinds of wine and grapes. However, I think I was able to remember the taste of Grillo quite well.

The red wine was drunk in Puglia, back in the Italian peninsula. We had this wine in Alberobello. A souvenir shop in Alberobello explained to me that Negroamaro and Primitivo are the representative varieties of wine in this area.

When I tasted the wine on the spot, I preferred the Primitivo, so I bought two kinds of wine of this variety.

It is certainly a good taste, but it is a little sour. It may be different for each taste. Unfortunately, when I had this Primitivo wine in a restaurant, it was not very good, and I did not have a good impression of this variety.

I bought some primitivo as a souvenir, which is quite expensive, so I’d like to try it again at home.

The other white wines we had in Campania and Calabria were also delicious.

Overall, it was cheaper than in France.

I’m not sure if I’ll be going to Italy again next year, but I plan to continue my wine research trips.