My DER application just went through!

201405 Italy

Yay! The DER (Damage Excess Refund) for that I applied for about 3 weeks ago has been approved.

レンタカー修理費請求到着 rentalcars.comのDER申請はできるのか? | my lifelog

According to his email.

With regards to your damage excess refund product I can confirm that out of the 1400 EUR which were charged to you on your final invoice, we can refund you 1138.7 EUR (152516.68 JPY) for the damages sustained to the vehicle. This amount will be credited back to the credit card you paid your rental with. Please allow up to 7 working days for this to appear on your statements.


However, it is not a full refund and the following items are excluded.

Unfortunately, we are not able to cover for the administration fee (42.7 EUR) nor the immobilisation fee (219.6 EUR).

あまりよくわからないのですが、もともと1.148,36EUR + V.A.T. 22%でしたので、付加価値税以外は全額戻ってくる、つまり修理費該当分はすべて戻ってくるといえるでしょう。

What the hell was with the bad reviews on and other foreign sites?

So, thanks to the insurance, we were able to minimize our payments.

In addition, as a review, the flow of money is as follows

  1. 現地のレンタカー会社からの請求は、一旦先に支払う必要あり
  2. rentalcars.comからのRefundが後日行われる(審査通過後7営業日以内)

This is the case. The insurance proceeds will not be paid directly to the local car rental company as is the case with normal insurance.


The result is the following.

In other words, the claim from the local rental car company is not deducted from the insurance amount (the amount applicable to the DER Refund in this case). the DER application to and the Refund will be done after this.

If you don’t understand this, you may mistakenly think, “You’re not being considered for insurance. In fact, people who complain about review information on TripAdvisor probably don’t understand how this works.

So, this case is now closed. I will be able to use with peace of mind in the future.

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